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In the past the regulation of the financial services industry was sadly not as rigorous as it is under the current regime. We have however always adopted the highest possible standards regardless of regulation and continue to offer a service that is of genuine benefit to you and your family.

Are you ready to challenge accepted norms?

We believe a legacy is much more than figures on a page. It’s about life experiences, family relationships, empowerment, positive change and a vision for the future. Used wisely and effectively, money can initiate and enrich all of these things. Used unwisely, it’s nothing more than a concept. However, we feel it is the norm to take a much narrower view of financial management, and it’s time we changed this. We want to work with clients who see the potential of their legacy, are open to achieving more than they thought possible, and are just as passionate as we are.

Are you prepared to be an advocate for the unknown?

We’re here for the long-term. We create long-term strategies for clients with long-term visions, and we do this with unrivalled quality of service. A legacy can only reach its full potential if it is managed with an eye on the future – how your money will impact on the younger and future generations of your family and the wider community. We believe many modern financial solutions lack ambition and only consider the foreseeable future. Again, we feel this should be challenged. If you’re prepared to create a financial vision that reaches beyond your immediate needs, you’ll be rewarded with our long-term commitment to you.

Our mission

We’re proud to be different. Discover what we think sets us apart and the values that are important to us.

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From the blog

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