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Investment Masterclass – Diversification: The Free Lunch of Investing

Ian King, Monday February 10, 2014

I have discussed in previous posts some of the basic concepts concerning investment risk and indicated that a lot of the risks associated with investment can be controlled or even eliminated. Diversification Whilst risk will always remain, principally short-term volatility risk and/or inflation risk, most other risks (stock, interest rate, exchange rate etc) can be […]

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Investment Masterclass – Write it down!

Ian King, Sunday January 26, 2014

An important commitment within any investment policy is to write it down.  It sounds simple and perhaps frivolous but most investors fail to undertake this simple step. Written Record Having a written record of your investment policy offers a number of advantages: The process of writing the document down ensures that all factors and considerations […]

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Investment Masterclass – Simplicity is King

Ian King, Monday January 13, 2014

One of the key roles of any Financial Planner is to help their clients navigate the complexity of various investment and tax solutions.  A large number of options are available, many of which involve particularly sophisticated approaches which are difficult for the client, and in many cases, the adviser to comprehend. This post is not […]

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Investment Masterclass – Simplifying Risk

Ian King, Thursday December 19, 2013

In my last post I summarised a number of the various different risks which concern investors when either creating or reviewing their investment policy. Investors are fortunate that, with careful management, a large number of these risks can be easily reduced or indeed eliminated. A number of different strategies are available to do this. Commonly, […]

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Investment Masterclass – What is risk?

Ian King, Thursday December 5, 2013

Central to all of the discussions that I have with my clients about creating or reviewing their investment strategy is the concept of risk.  However, one of the key challenges for any financial planner is to gain an understanding of what the client understands by the term “risk” and how this relates to them.  Frequently […]

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Financial Planning Basics – Budget Planning – The bits that go missing

Ian King, Thursday November 14, 2013

My previous blog posts have identified that a key element within any effective financial plan is the undertaking of a thorough budget planning exercise. I would now like to discuss the importance, when producing your budget plan, of widening the scope of your analysis, rather than just focussing upon your everyday expenditures. Income and Core […]

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Financial Planning Basics – The impact of not producing a budget plan

Ian King, Tuesday November 5, 2013

Following on from my previous blog post, I would now like to investigate the implications of not producing a budget plan. Examples Put simply, the failure to undertake a thorough budget analysis is likely to undermine your ability to achieve your goals for the future.  A few of the more obvious examples of the outcomes […]

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Financial Planning Basics – Budget Planning

Ian King, Wednesday October 23, 2013

Previously I have examined in detail the various different elements of a legacy and some of the potential pitfalls of ineffective legacy planning. I now want to move forward and focus on some of the common aspects involved within any successful financial plan. Budget planning A vital aspect to any structured financial plan is a […]

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What is a Legacy? Part Four

Ian King, Friday October 11, 2013

Previous posts have started to consider the financial, emotional and experience aspects involved with a legacy. I would now also like to discuss a fourth and final dimension to any legacy – a legacy to a community. The Family Legacy SolutionTM is clearly focussed towards delivering solutions within the family framework. However, the interaction between […]

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What is a Legacy? Part Three

Ian King, Monday September 23, 2013

In my recent posts I have considered two aspects of “legacy” namely the financial and moral. In this post I would like to discuss what I believe to be a further important element to any legacy – experience.

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Essential Reads – The Four Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

The New York Times bestseller of 2007 (republished and updated in 2011) is one of the most iconic “how to” guides to twenty-first century living. First things first though, don’t be misled by the title.  Yes, the tools and strategies found within Ferriss’ book can be used to significantly reduce the time that you spend […]

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The Browser Quadrant

The Brower Quadrant – Lee Brower

One book of many which provided some of the inspiration for The Family Legacy SolutionTM is the Brower Quadrant by US based financial planner and entrepreneur Lee Brower.

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Strategic Coach – Entrepreneurs going ten times

Food for thought for those of you who are entrepreneurs, and a great way to demonstrate an idea!

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