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The Family Legacy Solution™ – What Else Do We Do?

Ian King, Friday August 22, 2014

In her new blog post Gina now takes a look at some of the other things we do for our clients: “We have discussed some of the things that we help clients with but I would now like to briefly discuss some of the other things that we do for our clients. Events for Clients […]

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The Family Legacy Solution™ – So How Can We Help You?

Ian King, Tuesday July 29, 2014

In her latest post Gina now reviews how we can help our clients: “We have previously discussed whether or not you really need a financial planner and I would now like to discuss some of our values and some of the ways in which we are able to help you if you do decide that […]

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The Family Legacy Solution™ – Do I Really Need A Financial Planner?

Ian King, Tuesday July 1, 2014

Following Gina’s post concerning what to expect at meetings with us, she now moves on to ask the question why you may need to work with a financial planner? “We have looked at the process involved if you do decide that you want to meet with us, but you still might have some concerns about if […]

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The Family Legacy Solution™ – What To Expect At Meetings With Us

Ian King, Thursday May 22, 2014

Following on from Gina’s post a couple of weeks ago providing an introduction to us at the Family Legacy SolutionTM, Gina now expands upon how we structure our meetings with clients….. Working Together Once you have decided to begin your financial journey, it can be difficult to know what to expect when you decide to […]

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The Family Legacy Solution – An Introduction

Ian King, Thursday May 8, 2014

In a new series of posts we are opening the floor here at The Family Legacy Solution to members of the team to write about how we work with our clients and what prospective clients can expect from us. So here, Gina Currie starts us off with an introduction: Financial journey It can be difficult to […]

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Investment Masterclass: Don’t Underestimate The Need For Liquidity

Ian King, Tuesday April 15, 2014

A common trap that many investors fall into is being unable to gain access to your funds at a time of real need, for example, perhaps during a period of falling asset prices or a personal need for cash. Investment by its very nature should be a medium to longer-term venture. It is not therefore […]

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Investment Masterclass: The need for transparency

Ian King, Monday March 31, 2014

The financial landscape is awash with a plethora of complex concepts, products and solutions.  Much of that complexity has been created by the financial services industry, often in an attempt to confuse others and to give the impression of expertise! This complexity creates a lack of transparency for both investors and the public at large. […]

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Budget Update: Government Launches New Pre-Retirement Bonds!

Ian King, Thursday March 20, 2014

On 19th March 2014 Chancellor George Osborne announced a whole raft of new changes to the UK savings and investments landscape.  Whilst much of the focus was upon the newly increased ISA allowance (£15,000 from 1st July 2014) and greater flexibility as to how private pensions can be accessed, he also launched a new pensioner […]

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Investment Masterclass: Savings vs. Investments

Ian King, Tuesday March 18, 2014

One of the most common topics which we discuss with all of our clients is the vital distinction between savings and investments. Every individual with accessible capital needs to be aware of this important concept, as in our experience failure to properly consider this issue can lead to major disappointment. Savings Savings are quite simply […]

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Investment Masterclass: Be Wary of Guarantees

Ian King, Wednesday February 26, 2014

Guarantee is such a strong and powerful word in the English language.  When attached to something positive, such as capital security, it can be very alluring.  Who wouldn’t want a guarantee of capital security over their investment? Problems with Guarantees Given such a natural instinct to wish to have a guarantee it is hard to […]

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Essential Reads – The Four Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

The New York Times bestseller of 2007 (republished and updated in 2011) is one of the most iconic “how to” guides to twenty-first century living. First things first though, don’t be misled by the title.  Yes, the tools and strategies found within Ferriss’ book can be used to significantly reduce the time that you spend […]

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The Browser Quadrant

The Brower Quadrant – Lee Brower

One book of many which provided some of the inspiration for The Family Legacy SolutionTM is the Brower Quadrant by US based financial planner and entrepreneur Lee Brower.

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Strategic Coach – Entrepreneurs going ten times

Food for thought for those of you who are entrepreneurs, and a great way to demonstrate an idea!

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In her new blog post Gina now takes a look at some of the other things we do for our clients: “We have discussed some of the things...

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